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Art's-Way 6520 GRINDER MIXER
When looking for a quality and consistent ration mix with the luxury of both portability and flexibility, look to the leader... look to Art's-Way.

The 6520 Portable Mixer offers the largest, most innovative and productive grinder mixer on the market today.
The large 165 bushel tank with a one-piece, 26 inch hammermill offers 96
4 way reversible hardened knives and 780 sq. inch grinding area.

This grinder mixer can be tailored to your specific livestock operation.

The 6520 offers many new and innovative features for time savings and lower maintenance benefits you´ve come to know and expect from Art's-Way
The fully self contained hydraulic system is operated by a wireless remote control for full functionality of the grinder mixer to include, raise/lower and swing of discharge auger, open/close of tank discharge gate and start and stop operation of the unload system.

The newly designed 10inch discharge auger features hydraulic orbit motor operation and decreases unload time by 50%.
The time tested mixing auger and tube design provides thorough mixing of ingredients for superior mix uniformity.
Stop... Compare and then look to the leader... look to Art's-Way.
    Standard Features
  • 165 Bushel Tank
  • One piece 26" Hammermill
  • 96 Reversable Hammers
  • Self contained hydraulic system
  • Wireless remote control operation
  • 10" diameter x 10´ long hydraulic discharge auger with hydraulic lift cylinder
  • Electric over hydraulic tank unload gate
  • Three large Inspection Windows in tank
  • Tongue jack
  • Highway light kit and Safety Chain
  • Spring Loaded tank lid
  • Ladder and Fenders
  • 13.50 x 16.1 8ply tyres
  • Throat Magnet - #4 x 18" (24")
  • Ingredient Supplement Hopper
  • Heavy duty Implement drive line
  • Weigh bars and Spindles

Self contained hydraulic system with wireless remote operations

26 inch - One piece hammermill design with 96, 4-way reversible knives offers a more consistent grind for better feed rations. Grinding capacity up to 42 bu. of shelled corn per minute.

Hydraulic lift cylinder for ease of use and less maintenance. Wireless remote control operation
    Optional Features
  • Hydraulic Auger Feeder
  • Swing-arm Scale support
  • Scale Systems
  • folding and bolt-on discharge Auger Extensions
  • Grinder Screens
  • Hydraulic Roll Feed

Tank Capacity 165 Bu.   (approx. 4 tons)
PTO Drive 540 or 1000 rpm
HP requirement 80 to 160 h.p.
Feeder Gravity Hopper or Feed Auger
Auger Feeder Length (2.4384m) 96 inches
Auger Feeder Auger Diameter (0.254m) 10 inches
Hammermill Width (66.04cm) 26 inches
Grinder Drive 6 Double V-Belts
Grinder Hammers 96, Hardened, 4-way Reversible
Grinder Screen Area (0.503m2)  780 sq. inches
Screens 13 (3.175mm to 50.8mm) (1/8 to 2 inch)
Diameter of Mixing Auger 12 inch diameter Flighting, 13 inch tube,
   24 inch Base
Unloading Auger Tube Diameter (25.4 cm) 10 inch
Unloading Auger Standing reach at 45°
Standard - No Extension (5.046m) 16 ft. 7 inches
3 foot Fold Extension (5.69m) 18 ft. 8 inches
6 foot Fold Extension (6.35m) 20 ft. 10 inches
Unloading Auger 225° Horizontal, 45° to -29° vertical
Tyres 13.5 x 16.1 8pr High Floatation
Supplement Hopper (53.34cm x 60.96cm) 21 x 24 inches
Overall Height (3.2 m) (126 ins.) 10 ft. 6 inches
Overall Width with Auger Feeder (2.89m) (114 ins.) 9 ft. 6 inches
Overall Length (4.44m) (175 ins.) 14 ft. 7 inches
Approx. Weight with Auger Feeder (2041kgs.) 4500 lbs.
Ground Clearance (33.02cm) 13 inches

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