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Art's-Way 5105
Art's-Way 5105
Your Exclusive Art's-Way Distributor for the United Kingdom
Art's-Way : Agricultural mill mixing machinery.
When looking for a quality and consistent ration mix with the luxury of both portability and flexibility, look to the leader... look to Art's-Way.
The 5105 Grinder Mixer offers a 105 Bushel tank with a 20 inch hammermill.
This grinder mixer can be tailored to your specific livestock operation for the time savings and low maintenance features you expect from Art's-Way.
The 5105 offers a choice of mechanical or hydraulic discharge along with the option of a hydraulic auger feeder.
The time tested mixing auger and tube design provides thorough mixing of ingredients for superior mix uniformity.
The 324° swing radius of the unloading auger allows you to reposition the discharge tube from one side of the tank to the other in one step - no jockeying the tractor and no time wasted.
Stop... Compare and then look to the leader... look to Art's-Way.

Tank Capacity 105 Bu. (approx. 2 tons)
PTO Drive 540 rpm
HP requirement 40 to 100 h.p.
Feeder Gravity Hopper or Feed Auger
Auger Feeder - Length (2.4384m) 96 inches
Auger Feeder - Auger Diameter 10 inches
Hammermill Width 20 inches
Grinder Drive 6 Double V-Belts
Grinder Hammers 36, Hardened, 4-way Reversible
Grinder Screen Area 600 sq. inches
Screens 13 (3.175mm to 50.8mm) (1/8 to 2 inch)
Diameter of Mixing Auger 12 inch diameter Flighting, 13 inch tube,
   24 inch Base
Unloading Auger Tube Diameter (20.32 cm) 8 inch
Unloading Auger Standing reach at 60°  
Standard - No Extension 16 ft. 8 inches
3 foot Fold Extension 19 ft. 3 inches
6 foot Fold Extension 22 ft. 0 inches
Unloading Auger 316° Horizontal, infinite vertical
Tyres 10 x 15 8pr rib implement
Supplement Hopper (53.34cm x 60.96cm) 21 x 24 inches
Overall Height (106 ins.) 8 ft. 10 inches
Overall Width without Auger Feeder (95 ins.) 7 ft. 11 inches
Overall Length (170 ins.) 14 ft. 2 inches
Approx. Weight without Auger Feeder 3540 lbs.
Ground Clearance 10 inches

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